About Michele

Michele is an embodied couples coach and bodyworker, specializing in working with women who are ready to embrace personal power and own their story. She weaves her knowledge of women's health, motherhood, bodywork, dance, non-violent communication, sacred sexuality, nutrition and beyond to support women in cultivating their own intuitive awareness so they can lead their lives from the fullness of their being. 


She believes that the body holds the Truth (with a capital T) and through embodied explorations, we are able to heal into wholeness. This holistic approach to the energy that we carry beautifully integrates and carries over into our relationships by allowing us to be more authentic, to communicate better, and make decisions that come from our full being.

"Michele's intuitive session was a profoundly transformational experience. Her process was fluent with reflective questions, healing touch, and meditative journey work that took me to a place of stillness and recalibration. Since then, I have noticed a new confidence in overcoming obstacles, and motivation to cleanse stagnation in my life. I feel truly inspired by this work, I see it offering benefit to most anyone. Thank you, Michele Rosa Gee, you rockstar!" ~Violet
"Working with Michele was deeply insightful and an important part of my healing journey. As a bodyworker myself I understand how tension and stress gets stored in the muscles and tissues. My work with Michele highlighted my tendency to hold tension in the muscles of my pelvic floor. With breath work and Michele’s compassionate and loving presence and guidance, I have released a lot of the tension I was holding on to, allowing me more access to the powerful energy of my pelvic bowl and creative center. Michele is a loving guide along a woman’s healing path of transformation." ~Paige
"Michele has such a beautiful, nurturing touch. My session with her was incredibly healing and eye opening for me. She was so in tune with my body, which allowed me to feel safe to totally let go and trust her guidance. This allowed me to see places in my life and body where I can use some adjustment. She took such care to listen when I shared myself with her during the intake process, and gave genuine compassion. I left feeling much more balanced and in tune with myself. I will definitely be back for another session. This feels like an immense gift to myself, one that my body has been in need of, and deserves to have again. Thank you Michele!" ~Christina

"Michele's skill as a massage therapist is excellent. She has a deep understanding of the body and is able to tune into what you need (even if you aren't able to fully verbalize it). I have been going to her for massage, on a regular basis, for over a year now. As someone who is very active, has endured some significant physical injuries and also does manual labor in my work, my body has been through a lot over the years. I have seen many professionals in the realm of massage, physical therapy and chiropractic work and most don't hold a candle to the relief, comfort, and compassion as well as body awareness and knowledge that Michele brings to the table." ~Erica





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